Friday, July 6, 2012

Guacamole- Avocado Dip

Finally after six long months, I'm happy to have my own space. I have my own utensils and a well stocked cupboard with spices and Sri Lankan ingredients. My kitchen smells so good :)

Today's recipe is a result of me trying to incorporate Omega 3 & 6 i.e. good fat into our diet. As vegetarians this is one of the nutrient we may be lacking. We all know fish is one the main source of good fat, which is good for our brain neurons function. Some vegan sources of good fats are olive oil, walnuts, almonds & avocado.

We used to have avocado (we call it as butter fruit) tree in Kandy, in our backyard. We usually blend it with sugar granules and milk powder, refrigerate and have it as dessert. I was surprised when I initially heard about having avocados for salads and sandwiches.

I first tried guacamole at my Mexican friends place. Liked the idea of making it as a dip for tortilla chips. Of-course being a spice foodie I spiced it up ;) a bit. It's so refreshing from the lemon juice, and added bit of crunch using raw onion and pungent aroma from garlic. I also added sour cream to make it more creamy and some chili flakes or green chili to spice it up.

Print recipe here

2 Avacados
1 clove of garlic
1 red onion - medium size
2 tbsp of sour cream (Vegans may add soy yoghurt)
1 lime - juiced


Scrape flesh out of avocados and add other ingredinets into the food processor. Process for a few seconds, till its creamy. Serve as a dip with tortilla chips, or spread it on your sandwiches with sliced juicy tomatoes.

Note : You may refrigirate it in a air tight plastic container, but cover it with a plastic glad wrap before closing with a lid. It is done to prevent guacomolee from darkening.

Also I want to share about this small town Basel, famous for pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Popular events which attracts celebrities & affluent people here are Basel watch & jewellery exhibition & Art Basel. For the commoner's it's the street carnival called fasnacht. I really enjoyed it starting from 4am and continued to have fun for 3 days. I hope to share my happiness with you through these photos.

Click here to see more carnival photos.


  1. love to see the photos along with reciepie.

  2. Expat Kochen - RyllaJuly 10, 2012 at 12:26 PM

    Looks great Abi! I recently tried avocado as a dessert for the first time - kinda funny. I made a chocolate mousse with it - delish. See you soon!

  3. Thanks for ur comments Yaso acca n Rylla. wow what a great idea to have guilt free dessert. I just heard another friend said she likes avocado with veniger lemon juice & brown sugar.

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  6. What a great dip! So healthy and delicious.

    Although I live in Switzerland (Geneva), I have never been to Basel...




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