Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thai Yellow Curry with Red Rice

Serves 2-3
½ yellow pepper thinly sliced
1 celery thinly sliced
50g baby corn roughly chopped
1 leek halved and thinly sliced
50g sweet potato chopped
50g zucchini halved sliced
200ml pineapple juice
1 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp low fat plain yoghurt
Fresh coriander for garnishing
50g red rice washed
200 ml coconut milk
2 tbsp vegetable oil

Spice paste
1 tbsp minced garlic and ginger
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp coriander powder
1 lemon grass finely chopped
1 kaffir lime leaves torn
1 green chilli
1 onion chopped
1 tomato chopped


To make the paste blend all spice paste ingredients into a smooth paste with 100 ml water.

Heat oil in a large pan sauté leeks and garlic ginger for 4 minutes, till leeks are wilted and changes colour.

Add spice paste, yoghurt and coconut milk and simmer for 5 minutes, till spices are combined with milk and oil starts to separate. Add rice mix well till it’s coated with spice paste.

Add 300 ml of water, pineapple juice, and sweet potato, mix well, cover the pan and let it simmer in low heat for 30-40 minutes till rice is cooked.

When rice is cooked add vegetable i.e. yellow pepper, baby corn, celery and zucchini simmer for 5 more minutes till vegetable are tender.

Turn off heat, season with lime juice. Garnish soup with chopped coriander.

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