Sep, 2013 - My 'Spinach and Split Pea Soup' recipe gets picked up and listed in "16 Great High Fiber Food" article in Huffingtonpost, US Edition.

Feb, 2013 - I did my first cooking demonstration here in Basel. Demo was on Sri Lankan spreads with bread. Basel based food and travel blogger Anita who participated in this event said "I’ve already tried several of the recipes on Abi’s blog, with excellent results" read more about this event in Anita's Feasts,
    This cooking demo was organised by Expat Kochen, a group of expat women who organize food related  events in Basel. Rylla of Expat kochen says "Last month a group of Basel “foodies” met in a warm, welcoming kitchen filled with intoxicating, savory smells and delicious sounding sizzles.  Upon closer inspection we found beautifully colored lentils, vegetables, fruits, herbs, peppers and spices, all waiting to come together into what would be our incredible Sri Lankan feast." Click here to read more.

    July, 2012 - Vegetarians New Zealand - An online resource site by Avatars based in Christchurch, handpicked some of my recipes to publish in their website. and

    Nov, 2011 - Dal Makhani - Black lentils in Spicy Cream Sauce photo gets featured in Food Porn Daily ,  a website which takes its devotees to foodie kama sutra. They select and feature delicious food picture which will get viewers juices (salivary gland) flowing.

    31st Oct, 2011 - My blog gets yummly certification. Yummly features only hand picked best food websites which has great recipes, unique insights and beautiful photos. Yummly is the world's largest and most powerful recipe search site with millions of visitors and subscribers. Yummly has been featured by The Today Show, Reuters, FOX, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and more.
    Certified Yummly Recipes on

    Sep, 2011 - My pumpkin curry photo featured in Food Porn Daily  a website which takes its devotees to foodie kama sutra. They select and feature delicious food picture which will get viewers juices (salivary gland) flowing.

    July, 2011 - Recipe for my Eggplant Curry featured in The Expat magazine

    June, 2011 - Dinemalaysia  -Online eating out guide in Malaysia, features my blog in "Malaysia's Favorite Floggers" article.

    16th May, 2011 - FOOD high in sugar and starch is the leading cause for obesity. Click below link to read more on tips and low GI recipes to manage your weight and insulin levels. "Rein in Sugar Rush",New Straits Times, Malaysia

    14th May, 2011 - On Vesak day most of the buddhist partake in vegetarian diet. My recipes for a rice and curry meal was published in honor of Vesak day in New Straits Times, Malaysia - "Meat Free Meals".

    31st March, 2011 - Ami's fried eggplant recipe featured in The Hindu in India

    23rd March, 2011 - Ami's Vegetarian blog listed in "Top recipe sites" section of Toronto Vegetarian  Association website

    20th March, 2011 - Ami's Vegetarian blog featured in The Star Newspaper in Malaysia. "Bounty for vegetarians"

    15th March, 2011 -This Blog is featured in March newsletter of Vegetarian Society of Singapore. 

      20th February, 2011 - Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

      Thanks Zen of  RAWk Me! via comment

      Rules to claim and share these awards:

      • Thank and link the blogger who has given you the award.
      • Copy and paste the Logo in your blog.
      • Share 7 things about yourself.
      • Nominate 15 other Great Bloggers
      • Comment and let them know of the award. 

      Seven interesting things about me:

      1. I first started cooking when I was 12, since then I love experimenting with new recipes. I regret that I did not study to become a chef.

      2. I love greenery, where ever there are a lot of trees I feel it's a peaceful and relaxing place. I feel sad when I see people cutting trees. I dream of living in a house surrounded by a big garden filled with lot's of trees.

      3. I loose myself in good music, I love hip hop, R & B, it could be English, Tamil, Hindi or any language, I look for drum beats, I also have wonder girls Nobody- Korean pop in my mp3.

      4. I love to try different type of work outs and feel good after a good sweat. Also it helps me to binge on good food without any guilt. My favorite workouts are Zomba and Yoga.

      5. I like to watch reality shows, I mostly watch Biggest Loser, Master Chef, if not them then I watch cooking shows. My favorite chefs on TV are Micheal Smith, Jet Tila, Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Laura Calder, Roger Mooking and Chef Wan (Malaysian Celebrity Chef).

      6. Thrill rides, hiking, trekking, waterfalls, beaches, islands etc., with bunch of good friends and my better half  would be a perfect holiday for me. Relaxing by the pool is never in my agenda on a holiday. I like travelling, exploring and photography. Links for some of my photo shoots. Canadian natural beauty, Kandy (My hometown), Sri lanka.

      7. Visit to Canada was the best holiday I had in the recent past. I adored the fall colours, it was a wonderful experience to see a variety of red, yellow, orange and brown color leaves, for someone from a tropical country (used to seeing only green leaves). Of course I really enjoyed shopping (End of Season sales are a good bargain) and veg food in Canada. (went to Toronto Veg Festival, Vegetarianism is very much popular than here in Malaysia)

      Here are my nominees for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award - A humble tribute to all wonderful bloggers and for viewing my posts and commenting !


      1. Hello. Thanks very much for the award. I'm very honored. I have however already listed the 7 things about myself on another award post and am awarding this forward in a different way .... a virtual potluck party. I'd like to invite you as well. Will be happy to have you, Ami :D

      2. wow that looks very creative idea, i'd luv to join.

      3. I'm really honored and thank you for this award :)

      4. Congrats on ur award...thax for sharing it with me.... I'm honoured

      5. Ami thanks for the award... honored. you have a grt weekend too.

      6. Amy, Congratulations on your well deserved award!! I'm honoured that you would nominate Anna's Table for the award. Thanks so much and I hope you have a lovely week-end.

      7. thank you for sharing Ami will post it in my awards page
        well deserved congrats

      8. Hi Ami, congratulations on your award and thank you so much for sharing the honor with me.
        Hope you have a fantastic weekend!
        P.S. I love the photos from your trip, especially the one with all of the leaves on the ground, gorgeous :)

      9. Thanks so much for passing the award on to me, I really appreciate it! Glad you enjoyed my soups, I'm going to try your kidney bean risotto tonight, can't wait!!

      10. Tnx everyone....let's continue to explore culinary world and keep sharing!

      11. Thanks a lot for the return award. posted it here

      12. Congrats on your award.You have a great collection of recipes out here.Thank you so much for sharing the award with us. We are really honored.

      13. congrats!!!!!!!!!!! thanx a ton for the award....i'll be back with you gimme some time to follow up the award...

      14. hahaha mom of five kids....don even say that! thank you!

      15. @kitchenmorph, I didn't mean to offend you, I regard it as a honor. Sorry, I could not find your name in blog.

      16. Am I honored!!! :) Thanks a million!


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