Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Learning to make Apple Tarte & Pear Tatin

Even though I have to wait for another few months, before I can cook and start shooting in my own kitchen space. I have been cooking, sharing and learning different types of food here. Something that I've bookmarked to try is 'Tarte'. I learnt to make tarte dough and to make both sweet and savory tarte's. Best part is if you don't have patience (like me) to make dough at home, you can buy tarte dough from store and add your preferred vegetable or fruit to make freshly baked delicious tartes.

Also I have plans to try baking Indian samosa's / Sri Lankan patties with store bought tarte dough. Stay tuned for more wonderful cooking experiments in near future.

Meanwhile I'll share this recipe to make tarte dough, which I learnt from a 'wonderful Swiss lady'. 

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