Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sri Lankan Lunch

Traditional Sri Lankan lunch is a colorful spread; main course is samba rice/red raw/ red parboiled rice, served with colourful curries, such as yellow curry – Dhal, Red curry – thick meat or vegetable gravy, green curry – leafy vegetable stir fry called mallum / keerai varai, and another stir fried vegetable curry. Lunch will be served with delicate wafers called papadums, and salty fried mor milagai (yoghurt chilis). This meal tastes good as it looks!

Above picture - Lemon rice, fried bringal curry, stir fried potato curry and cucumber tomato salad.

Red Parboiled Rice, served with Kangkung stir fry(green), cabbage potato curry(yellow), tofu and peppers stir fry, & potato gravy. Accompanied by crispy Pappadam and yoghurt chili (Mor milagai).

White rice served with Drumstick gravy(Brown), cabbage stir fry(yellow), fried egg plant, and Manathakkali keerai varai (Black Nightshade leaves stir fry). Of course meal is not complete without pappadam and yoghurt chili.


  1. I just tried sri lankan food not so long ago and Im already in love with it :) and your lunch looks really decent :)))

  2. i love Sri Lankan food too, they are very spicy and yummy.

  3. Amila WickramarachchiOctober 8, 2011 at 1:17 PM

    Happy to see a Sri lankan lunch in your space....


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