Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Learning to make Apple Tarte & Pear Tatin

Even though I have to wait for another few months, before I can cook and start shooting in my own kitchen space. I have been cooking, sharing and learning different types of food here. Something that I've bookmarked to try is 'Tarte'. I learnt to make tarte dough and to make both sweet and savory tarte's. Best part is if you don't have patience (like me) to make dough at home, you can buy tarte dough from store and add your preferred vegetable or fruit to make freshly baked delicious tartes.

Also I have plans to try baking Indian samosa's / Sri Lankan patties with store bought tarte dough. Stay tuned for more wonderful cooking experiments in near future.

Meanwhile I'll share this recipe to make tarte dough, which I learnt from a 'wonderful Swiss lady'. 

Print recipe here.

Serves 4-6

250g Flour
1 tsp salt
120g unsalted butter
100ml water


Mix flour, salt and butter in a bowl till butter is nicely mixed and crumbly.

Gradually add water, knead the dough until it does not stick to hands any more. Let the dough to rest for around 20 minutes.

We made Apple Tarte using this dough. Here are some pictures taken while making the dough.

Tarte dough wrapped with cling wrap, before leaving it to rest

Laying the dough in a tarte tray
Layering the dough for Apple Tarte

Apple Tarte

I also learnt to make Pear Tarte, but for that we used store bought puff pastry dough. That was the best, it had a crispy base filled with mildly sweet caramelized pears.
Pear Tarte
Pear Filling Recipe
10g butter
2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp honey
3 pears, peel off the skin, remove the core, vertically slice them


Place the baking tray in stove, melt the butter, add sugar and honey mix them well. Turn off heat, arrange the pear slices on top of this caramalised sauce.

Meanwhile preheat oven at 200 C. Spread the puff pastry dough (store bought) on top to cover the pan completely. Prick it with fork randomly to create some holes. Bake it for 25 minutes.

Once baked turn them upside down in a another flat tray to have pears on top. (If it is difficult to remove, use a butter knife to loosen up the edges)

Cut into pieces of desired size pieces, serve warm with ice cream or whip cream. It was served to me with ginger ice cream, and it was the best combination.
Pear Tarte
And This is what I shared with these lovely Swiss family
Carrot Rice, Cucumber Salad and Soya Meat Curry (Click each item for recipes)
Carrot Rice, Soya Meat & cucumber salad
Sometime back I wrote about my Europe trip. (Actually last summer) Finally I have sorted them and I'm sharing some photos taken in Paris and Geneva. To see more of my photography check out Abi's Photography in flickr and photography column in this blog.
Lake Geneva
Geneva Lake
Click here for to see more pictures of Geneva

The Dog & the Cat scene on the street towards Eiffel tower in Paris
Displayed on the way to Eiffel Tower
Click here to see more pictures of Paris


  1. yummy really gosh i am gonna find this food.

  2. A lovely tart! That filling is wonderful.

    It is funny to see a picture of my town here... If ever you come, plaese let me know.



  3. Thanks Rosa, Yes definitely I'll be glad to see you in person. Also please let me know if you come here to Basel.


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