Thursday, July 29, 2010

Laksa – Noodles in curry bowl

Serve’s 2

6 shitake mushrooms cut lengthwise
1 cube vegetable stock
100g firm tofu cut into cube sizes
2 tbsp soy sauce
150g noodles
100ml coconut cream
2 tbsp fried onion
2 coriander leaves for garnish
Handful of chopped spring onion

To make laksa paste
1 large onion cut in to quarter size
1 tbsp garlic ginger paste
4 candlenuts
1 lemon grass stalk finely sliced
6 large red chilies
1 tbsp tamarind paste
1 tbsp palm sugar
2 tbsp curry powder
1 tsp coriander seeds
1 tsp fennel seeds

To make the paste put all ingredients in blender with adequate amount of water blend till it’s smooth.

Heat oil in a large pan sauté tofu, mushroom adding soy sauce till it’s slightly brown. Set them aside.

In the same pan add coconut crème, blended paste, soup cube and bring to boil for about 5 minutes. Depending on your preference add water. Add salt to taste.

Separately boil water in a pan, when water is boiling add 1 tsp salt and noodles. When noodles are cooked, drain water and set aside.

Serve soup in bowl up to ½ or ¾ level, add noodles, mushrooms, tofu. Garnish with fried onion, spring onion and coriander leaves.

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